When a Journalist caught a Delhi Policeman groping a female student

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On November 6th, the JNU campus turned into what cannot be called as a University. More than hundred of students gathered to protest against Police’s inability to find whereabouts of Najeeb, who disappeared more than 20 days back.

During this protest, according to a report, police arrested more than 200 students and other protesters, including the mother and the sister of Najeeb.

There are multiple images and comments floating on Social Media on the way the police handled the protesters. Especially the female protesters.

Here is one tweet which shared image of Najeeb’s mother being handled by female Policemen:

Then there were images of students and other protesters getting detained:

www.say.wtf - delhi-policeman-groping-a-female


But the most horrible act was caught by a cameraman where he shot a Delhi Policeman groping a female student.

The picture is quite clear and shows the way policemen would have handled other students also. Here is the image:

There is no doubt that the image is real and cannot be fake. And, if this is true, we are disgusted as there was female Police present there and should have handled all the female protesters. Even if male Policemen were required to cover for shortage, the way this female student was handled is justified.

What is your thought on this? Please share with us.

Image Source: DNA India

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